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LatLong Convert 1.0

Enter latitude and longitude at the top and click the button for output
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This converter is actually part of Balloon Track. However, I often found myself needing a quick conversion. Loading BT for this was just a bit cumbersome, so I lifted the converter and made it a program in its own right.
Enter latitude and longitude at the top and click the button corresponding to the output you wish to see.

It's simple right?

But the idea here is that you don't have to format the latitude and longitude a particular way when you input it. You can use any of the acceptable input formats below. Use one format for the latitude and another for the longitude. I tried to make this relatively smart so that I could just start typing whatever I heard on the radio, and the program would magically figure out what it all meant and convert it to the form I needed to work with.

If you click "Copy to Clipboard" the conversion will be dumped to your clipboard. It is formatted with a degree symbol ( ° ) and a minute symbol ( ' ) and a second symbol ( " ). North is always positive, south is indicated by a negative number, NOT an "S". The same for longitude. The latitude appears on the first line of the clipped text, the longitude on the next line. The above conversion dumped to the clipboard and then pasted into this web page looks like this:


You can click in any of the output fields and copy information. So, if you entered degrees, minutes and seconds and converted to decimal degrees, you could copy each figure as a pure number with no symbols and then dump the clipboard of that number into another program.

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